We provide faithful digital reproduction of audio recordings from:

  • 78s and vinyl discs
  • Cassettes
  • Acetate, polyester and paper open reel tapes
  • DATs
  • CDs

We clean discs and bake sticky tapes.

We handle reels up to 10 inches in size at speeds of 3¾, 7½, and 15 inches per second and less common speeds such as 1 ips.

Files are delivered at all standard resolutions from archive standard 96khz/24-bit to CD quality 44.1khz/16-bit. Other formats and resolutions provided according to archive holder's requirements.

We can improve audio quality by correcting speed issues; removing or reducing crackle, hum, hiss and background noise.

All source material is held within fireproof and waterproof storage while on site.